Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Finished Building 108 Modules Needed For My Project

I finished assembly of the modules for my project. The picture is the process in which the LED module is wired with four thin cables. Each module has six LEDs, a pair of red, blue and green ones. Common anode is connected to 6V while other wires are connected to the outputs of pwm generator . The base is made of old C-box.

After this picture, I soldered each pin, fixing it and melting the urethane cover of the copper cable.

Many kinds of parts were needed, LED, small PCB that are milled using my CNC machine, small L-shaped pins to make the wiring easier, urethane-covered cables, resistors, instant glue, aluminium pipes etc. But this module is just a small part of my whole project.

My back is numb and my hand hurts all the day today.

OK, let's do more big thing. My project is on the next stage.